The Miss Chinnocks’ School

For many years, people have seen real or imagined advantages in small schools and as a result private establishments have flourished or failed through the ages.

A successful private school in Market Lavington was run by a couple of spinster ladies. They were sisters and were therefore both Miss Chinnock. Their school operated in premises in High Street. The school prospered and survived for many years. We have already featured a bill for tuition at the school on this site.

Here we have a photo of the members of the school. The picture dates from 1923.

Members of Miss Chinnock's School, Market Lavington in 1923

The Miss Chinnocks are in the centre of the photograph.

Two Miss Chinnocks

Sadly, we do not have the names of any of the children.  Perhaps there are some nonagenarians still with us who were amongst these youngsters. Do let us know if you recognise any of them.

This girl might be in her mid 90s now.

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2 Responses to “The Miss Chinnocks’ School”

  1. Marlene Corbin . 40 High Street . Market Lavington . Says:

    Is this school address 40 The Street . Market Lavigton ,next to the workmanship hall . This shows up on our listed grading as school .

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