The Sainsbury Tree

Our large tree of very local members of the Sainsbury family measures some 8 feet (2.5 metres) long by 3 feet wide. To see it, we have to roll it out over our elephant chest and on to a display cabinet. The result can be a little untidy, as shown in the photo.

The Sainsbury tree at Market Lavington Museum spread over elephant chest and displays

This gift to Market Lavington Museum, came with conditions attached. The main condition is that, whilst visitors to the museum are welcome to come and copy chunks down, nothing is to be transmitted electronically.

The compiler of the tree is concerned for the privacy of others. No internet transmission is permitted.

Our curator is quite frequently asked for help from this tree. Obviously people in other parts of the world cannot easily visit the museum so perhaps we need to say that he can only help with Sainsbury family members from Market Lavington, including its former tithing and now a separate parish, Easterton. Inevitably some of the Sainsbury tribe were in other neighbouring parishes – West Lavington, the Cheverells and Urchfont. Market Lavington Museum may hold some details of such Sainsbury members but we only really deal in Market Lavington folk. It is unlikely we’ll have the time or the information to help researchers with Sainsbury family members from outside our parish.

We are always pleased to receive information as well. The Sainsbury family have been important at all levels of local society and any photos or other data would be welcomed.


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14 Responses to “The Sainsbury Tree”

  1. claire sandhu Says:

    My great Grandfather was Henry J Sainsbury from Oak Lane Easterton. He was known as Jack his wife was Ann. If anyone has any information, regarding anything to do with his family, any at all as to where he is buried etc. or any memories of him – I would love to hear them. Thanks so much. Any info would be gratefully received.

  2. Margaret Copsey Says:

    Did Anna born 1822 who married George Biggs in 1844, then later married Phillip Cooksey, come from this family? please help.

    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      I have an appointment at the museum on Monday. I’ll look these things up then – and yes, we have that info on the Cooksey family and Pond Farm



    • Alec wickert Says:

      My wifes side dates back to anna sainsbury, i have death certificates and photos of the cooksey family back to anna cooksey and Caroline coookes,daughters of philip and anna sainsbury.

  3. Alec Wickert Says:

    Ihave come across a bit of paper,looking through my father in law paperwork,and it said–anna sainsbury was born 19th april 1822–and 1877!!!also mention anna maria cooksey and worton wick!! The above info has been helpful,as i have alot of info/photos of the family tree.regards alec wickertL

  4. SH Says:

    My granny was a Sainsbury from Eastcott then Easterton. She used to reel off the names of her 9 siblings as follows: Bert, Jack, Bob, Mabel, Lizzie, Doris, Tom, Dick , Sid and Muriel.(Age order!!)
    Her parents were Richard and Ellen. Did anyone know this family?

    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      I looked them up on the 1911 census, living in Eastcott with all but Muriel living in a 3 roomed dwelling.

      It would be good if anybody with Sainsbury knowledge could add to this.



    • julian sainsbury Says:

      My Grandad was Bob Sainsbury he lived down Eastcott Common his brothers and sisters lived in the surrounding villages . Alot of the family is still very local

  5. Alec wickert Says:

    Could you find anymore info anna sainsbury marriage to philip cooksey ie children and there children? Ihave names of anna maria cooksey marrying john loakes,and Caroline cooksey marrying william gibbs having children called emily and sophie,thereafter nothing on csroline side,thankyou

  6. Alec wickert Says:

    I keep finding names that are mentioned, here,on paperwork handed down to me from the cooksey/loakes/gibbs/biggs/gales/milbank/fielding family tree.Some branch off to dead ends,others lots of info,i have mostly the cooksey from anna/philip to her daughter anna maria becoming a LOAKES,caroline becoming a GIBBS,anna msria had a daughter AGNES fielding nee loaks,who had a daughter Rose MILBANK nee fielding who had a daughter JOY wickert nee milbank the present day inherited.

  7. Stephanie Beckett Taylor Says:

    I have traced my Sainsbury/Saintsbury line back to a John Sainsbury born around 1500. He was described in his will as a Lay Rector or Farmer. His first child, Richard Sainsbury, was born in 1530 and was my 12 x great grandfather). John died in 1558 in Market Lavington. Does the Market Lavington Pedigree go back further than this and does it list John’s first wife? We know John married Edith in about 1532, so the first wife must have died. Edith had a further seven children that I know of.

    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      Hello Stephanie. apologies for my tardy response. the museum is not open this year, due to Covid and board members can only work there 72 hours after someone else has been in! I’ve recently had an access slot and looked at our enormous Sainsbury tree. As I thought, it doesn’t go back as far as you want The earliest I found was a John Sainsbury born about 1640, son of James with no birthdate. Good luck with your research. It’s not easy that far back.

  8. marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

    I can check when I am in the museum, but I don’t think it goes back anything like that far. Good luck with your research.

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