Hospital Week – mid 1930s

Hospital week was carnival week in Market Lavington. It gave a chance for fun and games, yet with the purpose that money was raised for health care. This, of course, pre-dated the National Health Service in the UK.

A regular feature of the week was a jazz band comprising local ladies. They obviously relished the opportunity to dress up and have fun.

Ladies’ Jazz Band at a 1930s Market Lavington and Easterton Hospital Week event.

This picture was taken on Church Street. Mr Hayball, the draper, had premises there at that time, but later he moved to the corner of White Street and High Street. If you’d like to know more about this shop, then visit the museum and ask to hear the oral history in which Mr Hayball’s daughter, Rose, describes her life at the shop and in the village.

Women in the band above include: Margery Stiles, Mrs Hurkett, Vi Gingell Lotte Cook, Mrs Hargreaves and Annie Buckland (in the top hat).

A close up on some of the ladies, including Annie Buckland

If anybody really wants to know, the notice on the door only says, ‘Sorry, we are closed’.

Onlookers in the photo  are Bert Mundy and Ken Buckland.

Further information about people in this photo would be greatly appreciated. Please contact the curator


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