The Parish of Market Lavington

The parish of Market Lavington has a complex history. Here we are looking at a map showing parish boundaries in 1790.

Market Lavington parish in 1790

We can see that the bulk of the parish was long and thin, stretching from Potterne in the north west and way over Salisbury Plain to the south east.

The village itself forms a very small part of the parish and is marked on this map as East Lavington.

Easterton was a part of Market Lavington parish then, and until the 1870s. But between the two parts of the parish there was the long narrow strip known as Fiddington. Fiddington was a part of West Lavington, even though it was physically separated from the bulk of that parish.

Gore, however, was a separated part of Market Lavington. That’s the strange shaped piece of land in the south west.

Since then there have been numerous changes. Gore became West Lavington, which was logical geographically and Fiddington became Market Lavington/Easterton. Easterton became a parish in its own right and then took on Eastcott which had been in Urchfont parish.

A small area around Russell Mill moved from Market to West Lavington. Again, this makes geographical sense these days, for the surfaced road to the mill, Russell Mill Lane is in the West Lavington parish.

All areas which were or are now part of Market Lavington are ‘fair game’ for Market Lavington Museum. We are always willing to receive information or artefacts that have a definite  link to our parish.

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  1. The Robber’s Stone at Gore | Market Lavington Museum Says:

    […] now in West Lavington, was a detached part of Market Lavington, as can be seen on the parish map at The Parish of Market Lavington […]

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