Bouverie Lodge

The Manor House for Market Lavington has no great age as such buildings go, being merely Victorian in origin. And now, it has been a part of Dauntsey’s School for so long that people refer to it as Dauntsey Manor and many assume it is in West Lavington, since that is where the handy entrance, for Dauntsey’s School is situated.

When built, the entrance to the manor was marked with a gatehouse at the top of Spin Hill/Ledge Hill.

Map to show the location of Bouverie Lodge, Market Lavington

The map shows the site of Market Lavington Manor, more or less in the centre and the old drive to the manor wiggles away to the gatehouse to the North, roughly where a spot height of 109 metres above sea level is given. This drive still exists but is NOT a public right of way.

The blue M in the bottom right corner of the map points to Market Lavington Museum.

It is the gatehouse we look at today. It is also known as Bouverie Lodge since it was the Bouverie family who built the manor and laid out the grounds.

Bouverie Lodge in 1905 - a photo at Market Lavington Museum

This photo shows the lodge in 1905. It is taken from the private side of the gate we see to the left of the lodge. That gate leads out to the Ledge Hill area which was once known as Common Road

The lodge looks lived in and loved and is typical of a gate house building, being small but ornate. It still exists but has been extended by building a separate structure, linked to this one.

Back in the 1960s we know that Reginald and Margaret Pearce lived there.


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2 Responses to “Bouverie Lodge”

  1. bouverielodge104 Says:

    So lovely to see the Lodge as it was instead of the sorry state it is in now. May the Lodge rise out of the ashes!!

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