A Robert Oram signed tile

At Market Lavington Museum we have a tile signed and dated by Rbt Oram. That is, of course, Robert Oram.

A tile from the 1870s, signed by Robert Oram of Market Lavington

The inscription on the tile starts with V R – Victoria Regina.  Robert was clearly a loyal and patriotic subject who commemorated his queen and who, later, was to build Jubilee Cottage on Northbrook.

A loyal and patriotic V R on the tile

The inscription continues with the name, Robert Oram and then gives his trade – bricklayer and tiler – and then a year. We are not 100% certain of the year but it was certainly in the decade of the 1870s – possibly 1878 or 1872.

The inscription reads, 'Robert Oram Bricklayer And Tiler 1878'. The tile can be found at Market Lavington Museum

Robert Oram, the son of William and Ann may well have been baptised on 6th June 1843.

In 1851 Robert, aged 7 lived with his parents, William and Ann on Northbrook, Market Lavington. William, was a bricklayer born in Market Lavington. His wife, Ann, was also from Market Lavington. There were no other children at home.

In 1861 Robert aged 17 was still with his parents on Northbrook, Market Lavington. Robert, like his father, was a bricklayer.

Robert Oram married Priscilla Smith on 17th September 1866 at little Cheverell. The spelling of Priscilla varies. On the Market Lavington grave it reads Pricillia

In 1871 Robert and Priscilia lived at number 2 Stobbarts road in Market Lavington. Robert was a bricklayer aged. His wife was 28 and hailed from Little Cheverell, as did their two children, William aged 3 and Francis aged 1. The household was completed by Frank Wheeler, a 22 year old groom who was a boarder from Market Lavington.

In 1881 Robert and Pricilla lived on Northbrook, Market Lavington. Robert, aged 37 was an estate bricklayer. Pricilla was 39. The children were William (13), an apprentice painter and Francis (11) who, like their mother, were born in Cheverell Parva or Little Cheverell, followed by Market Lavington born Jesse (8), Henry (5) and a sole daughter, Annie aged 2. There was also a boarder, 32 year old Frank Wheeler, a groom from Market Lavington.

In 1891 Robert and Priscilla lived on Northbrook, (almost certainly Jubilee Cottage) Market Lavington with their family. Robert was a bricklayer. Of the children at home, William, 23, was a painter and Jesse, 18, (now given as born little Cheverell) was an apprentice wheelwright.  Henry, 15, was a bricklayer’s labourer and Annie, 12, was a dressmaker’s apprentice. The youngest two children were Herbert, 9, and Edith aged 5. Frank Wheeler is still with the household and now called a cousin.

In 1901 Robert, the bricklayer and Priscilla were still living on Northbrook, Market Lavington. There were just the three youngest children at home – Annie  a dressmaker, Herbert a bricklayer and Edith.

Robert died in 1915.


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