A livery button

We mentioned, a couple of days ago, that the Yeovil Metal Detecting Club had been seeking the history beneath our feet in both Market Lavington and Easterton. Today we are looking at a small button they gave to us at the museum.

Livery button found in Easterton, Wiltshire, by members of the Yeovil Metal Detecting Club

This metal button, about one and a half centimetres across is believed to be a livery button. Livery buttons were found on the uniform of servants. These could have been domestic servants or uniformed staff who worked for a company. We suspect our button is from the uniform of a domestic servant. We’d love to find out who the servant worked for. The button probably dates from the 19th century.

The image on the button shows a crown. A raised clenched hand comes from the crown. The hand appears to be grasping a sword.

The crown ought to suggest that the servant worked for a titled person, but of course, other people of lower rank might have copied the idea. The fist holding a weapon was used to symbolise power.

So who in the parish – this button was found in Easterton – fits that particular bill?

If you have any ideas do get in touch with the curator. You can click here to start an email to him.

Once again can we thank the patient work of the metal detectorists from Yeovil.

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