Canadian Servicemen Remember.

Today we are looking at a photo taken in Canada in about 1950. The photo shows Canadian servicemen who spent time in Market Lavington during World War 1. They are standing by a war memorial, presumably remembering former comrades.

Canadian servicemen, most with World War 1memories of Market Lavington, at a Canadian war memorial in about 1950

The man on the left had, perhaps, the biggest connection with Market Lavington, for he married a local girl. His name was Bliss Taylor and he married Mary Redstone. Mary was the sister of Ethel Gye and her mother had been the head of Easterton School.

Then, reading from left to right we have William Lerette, Edward Lutes and Albert Humphrey. The next man, believed to be William Snow, was never at Market Lavington. Next is Stanley Steeves and then John Horseman. Frank Ryder – next to the right end is remembered by the Gye family for staying with them the Christmas that Bessie was born which was 1916. Finally, we have James LaFrance, another of the men who was not at Market Lavington.

Old comrades who missed this photo call include Neil Mackinnon and Arne Neilson.

Well done Ethel Gye - a lovely caption on the back of the photo.

We wonder if any descendants of these servicemen might have heard any tales of Market Lavington. We’d love to hear from them.


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  1. Church Gift Day – 1972 « Market Lavington Museum Says:

    […] Mary married Edward Taylor in 1919. Edward was a Canadian soldier, known as Bliss. The couple set up their home in Canada. We have seen Bliss before on these pages. Click here. […]

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