Now where did these come from?

Last week we surprised to find that a visitor had left a large box of 100 or so magic lantern slides at Market Lavington Museum. We are really keen to find out who left these slides so that we can learn more about them – in particular what relevance they have to our parish.

We guess it was somebody who was at The Miscellany on 17th September where curator, Rog, used the old magic lantern and slides which had belonged to Dr Hitchcock who ran the Fiddington Asylum. Those slides, which date from the 1860s, are very mixed in nature. The ones left at the museum have a Christian religious flavour.

Stoning a fallen woman – a slide left at Market Lavington Museum

Apart from wanting to know where these slides came from, we are keen to discover their age. They will be 80 years old at least for some packing material in the box was a Church of England Newspaper for 1933. They could be from around the start of the twentieth century.

Always important at religious meetings

Some of the slides are in boxes and they may give more of a clue to the age of the slides.

Slide collection box lid

Box lid from ‘Life of Christ’ series

We hope that the Magic Lantern Society will be able to help us with the age and maybe the manufacturer of the slides.

But most of all we hope the donor will get in touch with the curator. You can click here to start an email to Rog.


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  1. Hetty Thurlow Says:

    My first time here. Nice blog and super post. Well done.

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