The Misses Saunders’ School

The Saunders family were well known in the Lavington area for their non conformist views on religious matters and their ability to stick to their beliefs and get others to follow them. Amram Saunders has been met before on these pages. He was the man who cajoled the local wealthy people into stumping up money so that the toll gates on local roads could be removed and all people could move freely about the area.

Amram’s sisters ran a school in Market Lavington.  It is known that it was in operation by  1808 and was still in operation in the old Parsonage House  in about 1850. The school had gone by 1855.

The Parsonage on Parsonage Lane, Market Lavington. The Miss Saunders ran their school in this building

Elizabeth Saunders was the driving force in this independent, non-conformist school. The children were taught things likely to be of interest to ‘girls of small fortune’ and it was assumed that they would receive instruction at home in household work. Plain needlework and darning were among the skills taught.

The Parsonage on Parsonage Lane was used by the Miss Saunders. The building was demolished in the mid 19th century. Allegedly it was haunted.

The shell above the door still survives – at Market Lavington Manor which has for many years been a part of Dauntsey’s School.

The location of the old parsonage is made clear in the painting. Across the road we can see a part of the barn which still stands alongside Parsonage Lane. The building beyond the parsonage has been replaced by the Racquets Court.

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  1. Parsonage Lane « Market Lavington Museum Says:

    […] Parsonage Lane is a pretty little street. It was once a part of the main road from Devizes to Salisbury – diverted via West Lavington when Lavington Hill became a part of the military zone. And of course, once upon a time, the Parsonage for Market Lavington was on Parsonage Lane. We have seen a painting of the old Parsonage in a blog entry about the Miss Saunders’ School. […]

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