Grove Farm for sale.

Grove Farm, as a farm in Market Lavington no longer exists. The site of the farmhouse is close to where the Community Hall now stands and the Grove Farm housing now occupies the local fields.

Back in 1916, the farm came up for sale as a going concern. As was normal, the sale was an auction – to try to make sure the houses and land fetched their market value.

The front of the sales catalogue for Grove Farm, market Lavington in 1916

Interestingly, lot number 1 in the 20 lot auction was not the farm at all. It was the building we now know as The Rectory.

Lot 1 was the house we now know as The Rectory, Market Lavington

This was being sold with Alfie Alexander as the sitting tenant. The hand written note suggests that Mr Alexander was able to buy the property for £415.

Of particular interest is that acetylene gas is laid on for lighting. We have looked at the Lavington gas works before on this site. Click here to see it.

The farm itself, in three lots, was also sold to a sitting tenant.

In this case it was Mr Watts who was able to buy the farm, a walled garden and the home field for £770.

A map was included with the sale brochure – a detailed map which is a real treasure.

Just a small part of the map included with the sale brochure for Grove Farm in 1916

We may see more from this and other sales brochures in the future.

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