Kings Road

Kings Road spans both Easterton and Market Lavington. At the moment, Pat Stacpoole, a Kings Road resident who is also a museum volunteer and friend, is researching the history of the road and plans to produce a book about the road. He’s seeking any information he can get. If you have any information about people in the past or present, photos, documents etc then do get in touch with us and we can pass things on to Pat.

Items of particular interest would be:

  •  anything about the Reverend Gilbert King, Vicar of Easterton after whom the road was named.
  • any knowledge of just where the windmill was and when it vanished.
  • any information about the earliest fruit farms and jam factory.
  • human stories to add interest.

    Hawthorns, Kings Road was the home of Sam Saunders

We do know quite a lot about the Saunders family and the house called Hawthorns.

We have looked at Thomas Moody before on these pages, but we’d love to know more about this village worthy.

Tom Moody was a long term resident in the Windmill area of Kings Road

Do please tell us what you can. You’ll help to make Pat’s book as good as possible.


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