The Better Sort of Parishioner

We saw, yesterday, that in Bishop Tanner’s bequest he left 20 shillings (one pound)

to be spent at a friendly meeting of his Trustees therein named, and such of the better sort of the parishioners as they should think fit to invite in the evening of St. Paul’s day, to promote peace and good neighbourhood, and preserve some little regard to the memory of his honoured parents.

Today we are looking at the people selected to share in the pounds worth of charity money in 1952. Clearly these  are ‘The Better Sort of Parishioner’. Peggy Gye always used to suggest that Bishop Tanner felt that those folk who didn’t qualify for ‘money for the poor’ should benefit from a social gathering. It’s quite a nice idea.

Parishioners gathered for the Bishop Tanner Charity Party in 1952 - a photo at Market Lavington Museum

The people shown here are:

Back Row from left: Mr Nightingale,  P Gye, W Mundy, D Baker, V Osmond, T Gale, W Francis, M Prowse, E Wellings, B Huxtable.

Middle row from left: M Hiscock, B Francis, D Perry, O Sainsbury, not known, E Davis, DS Andrews, Mrs Arthur, K Perry, not known, not known.

Front row from left to right: Ed Potter, N Hiscock, E Phillips, Rev Arthur, Mrs Hawes,  Mrs Cooper, G Milsom.

As ever, if you can add any further information, then do, please, get in touch.


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