Grove Farm – an aerial photo

The Grove Farm estate was built in the late 1980s and later, the Community Hall was built, opening in 2007.

The new building work, and the demolition of the old farm house and yard, completely changed this part of Market Lavington.

An aerial photo taken in the 1960s shows what things were once like.

An aerial photo of Grove Farm, Market Lavington from about 1960

The building at the centre of the photograph was the Grove Farm House. In front of that is the yard and agricultural buildings. That’s the area now occupied by the Community Hall and the lower tier of the car park. The house is approximately where the higher car park is sited.

St Mary’s Church is centre top in the photo. Some of the tracks and paths are still, more or less, in the same place. Others have been built new to serve the Community Hall.

Church Street and The Spring are still as they were and the four buildings we see alongside the road are much the same. Meadow Cottage, on the right still looks to be thatched and we also see a little of its near neighbour, Spring Villa.

Crossing the road but still on the right hand edge of the photo is Church Cottage – long time home of Harry Greening, the founder head of Lavington School. That’s now Lavington Comprehensive School, not The Old School which is the building at the top right of the photo. Of course, in 1961 it was Market Lavington School.

A similar photo taken today would show many differences, particularly to the left hand side of the photo.


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