A knife cleaner

Older ideas are always likely to get killed off by newer technologies. As soon as stainless steel became suitable for knives, the days of the knife cleaner were numbered. Nowadays, these items, designed to make knives look shiny, are confined to the shelves of museums. And we have one at Market Lavington Museum. You can find in the museum’s kitchen room.

A knife cleaner at Market Lavington Museum

We think this device dates from about 1910. Handy instructions are provided in the iron casting of this knife cleaner. It was very simple – just shove the knife in between the pads, pressed together by the spring and wind the handle.

The messages given in the casting

We can see that our knife cleaner (sometimes called a polisher) carried the trade name Vono and this was the number 2 knife cleaner. It was British made.


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