The Brown Family

Today we are looking at a photo of two young girls, said to have been taken in Market Lavington in 1911.

The photo, along with other information, was given to Market Lavington Museum by Mr John Clarkson of Winchester in 2005. It would be lovely if he could get in touch with us at the museum (click here) to help sort out our records.

This is the photo.

Winnie and Irene (Brown or Sheppard) – a photo at Market Lavington Museum

This is clearly a studio portrait of the two girls. The back of the photo is captioned:

‘Market Lavington 1911

Winnie (Sheppard) Irene (Sheppard)


Further information on our record card says:

‘Two girls, Winnie and Irene, part of the Brown family of Market Place, Market Lavington. The family moved to London in the early 1900s but these two came to stay with some of the family here.’

Census records show Browns and Sheppards living next to each other, in the Market Place in 1881.

But, at the moment we don’t see quite how these families fit together.

We would like to know more about this charming photo. Do, please, contact us if you can help.

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