Cricket Week

We have looked at the former cricket pavilion on an earlier blog. You can click here to see it.

The pavilion was built, and the cricket ground laid out, at a time when Charles Awdrey had Market Lavington Manor – roughly the Edwardian era at the start of the twentieth century.

One story, which we’d love to confirm, says that a South Wiltshire team beat The Australians at Market Lavington in 1909. Can anybody come up with a scorecard?

Our picture, today, is captioned, ‘Cricket Week, 1914’.

Cricket Week, 1914 - a photo at Market Lavington Museum

We assume this is the Lavington ground although we can’t identify the building in the background.

A couple of cricketers in whites and blazers relax with some ladies. This group of people are sitting comfortably on deck chairs. It all looks very relaxed and refined.

Sadly, we have no names. It is probably a very outside chance – but do get in touch if you can tell us more about this photo or its location.


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