The Workmans’ Hall in 1910

The Workman’s Hall in 2011 is the home of the local scout group, the library and also commercial premises. When built, in the 1860s, it was a temperance hall – premises run for non-drinkers by those very opposed to the use of alcohol. Our picture, today, shows the building, on High Street in Market Lavington, in about 1910.

The Workmans' Hall, High Street, Market Lavington in about 1910

The building on this side of the Workman’s Hall is Palm House. Back in the early 19th century this had been Mr Willett’s original asylum. He moved it to Fiddington House in the 1830s.

On the right of the picture, the wall and lime trees were at the entrance to the Vicarage. The Vicarage is now a part of the nursing home.

The man on the right is  Mr Henry Wells of Easterton. He seems to have had a fancy to stand in photos taken by Alf Burgess. We have seen him before in a photo of Billy Coleman, the town crier, possibly taken on the same day.

Henry was a smith and engineer. In 1911 he was living on High Street in Easterton with his wife. Their ten children had left home. Henry had been born in around 1850 in Stanton St Bernard.

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