A Remembrance Day Lunch

The First World War ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. The nearest Sunday to that date each year is designated as Remembrance Sunday. Services are held in churches and dinners are held to celebrate the arrival of peace after the war, which unfortunately did not end all wars.

Events of this kind will be taking place today in Market Lavington and Easterton but we are looking back to a British Legion lunch in the 1950s.

Market Lavington and Easterton British Legion lunch in the 1950s

This event took place in the old Parish Room in Market Lavington which is now only a memory. The old wooden building stood in the way of the expanding nursing home in the village and was replaced with sheltered accommodation for elderly people. And of course, Market Lavington now has its wonderful Community Hall so the removal of that old structure ended up as a win/win event.

But back to our picture. We have the names of some of the people but we don’t know which person they apply to. Included in the picture are:

Walter Merritt, Harry Lovejoy, Arthur Hiscock and Bert Cooper.

The photo was taken by Peter Francis. Our copy of the photo has yellow staining. Three cheers for modern technology which allows this to be digitally removed.

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