William Moore, first rate scholar

We have met William before. He was born at New Farm on Salisbury Plain on 22nd September 1890. To find the site of New Farm you’d have to go up Lavington Hill and continue across the plain for half a mile or so (make sure no red flags are flying)  and then all you’ll see is a clump of trees that were planted to offer a little shelter to the farm. However, back in the 1960s, a shell exploded in the area and revealed what is thought to be a stone path. In those long ago days people could leave the carriageway and get a photo.

A part of a path at New Farm, Market Lavington, uncovered by shell fire in the 1960s

New Farm, of course, ceased to exist when it became part of the military range before World War I.

But back to William Moore who, at the age of  15 was clearly trying to improve his education by attending Market Lavington Evening School. It looks as though he succeeded, for William won a prize for attendance, punctuality and work.

Certificate given to William Moore for his work at Market Lavington Evening School

His teacher appears to have been Miss M Welch. This would have been Mary Welch who lived at Beech House where she and her sister ran a private school. However, this Evening School would seem to have been run under the direction of Mr Duck who was headmaster at Market Lavington School.

But congratulations to William Moore and you can read more about him here.

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