A preserved bus in Market Lavington

Back in 1976, a Northbrook resident snapped a photo of this ‘East Kent’ bus parked up at the top of Northbrook, close by the football field. This photo was a colour slide – the norm for photography back then, 35 years ago.

An East Kent bus at Market Lavington in 1976

The bus is a Dennis Lancet and was actually newer than it might look for it was built in 1948 although the design was, essentially a pre WWII one.

Close up of the front end to show markings and name

The bus, as can be seen in the close up, carried the registration plate CFN 154 and, at the time, carried a name – The Canterbury Belle’.

The bus was put into store by the East Kent company in 1961 when just 13 years old which is a short life for a bus. With the rear passenger door and separate cab, they were not cheap or easy to make into one-man operated buses.

We believe the bus was bought and preserved by John Kyte of Market Lavington in about 1972.

The web site at http://www.skylineaviation.co.uk/buses/eklan.html tells us that the ownership passed to N Hamshire of Surrey in 2006.

Can anybody tell us where this bus is now?

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3 Responses to “A preserved bus in Market Lavington”

  1. Remembering the Rallies « Market Lavington Museum Says:

    […] John was – and probably still is an absolute enthusiast for mechanical devices of all kinds. We have featured an East Kent bus that he owned on this blog. (Click here) […]

  2. Phil G. Says:

    The bus is alive and well and making regular appearances at at transport events – see http://www.flickr.com/photos/fwc439h/7032939419/ .

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