Easterton Bridge in Edwardian days

The arrangement of roads and buildings around the bridge in Easterton has changed considerably. At one time, had you been moving up Easterton High Street towards Urchfont, you’d have come to a fork. One fork turned left, crossing the stream on the bridge (probably a ford originally). The other branch of the fork was the main road heading off towards Eastcott and Urchfont.

Before the 1870s there was no church and few of the present houses in the angle of the fork. Since then, the church was built and Easterton School has been built, used for best part 100 years, closed and demolished.

Here’s the scene just over 100 years ago. The bridge is in place and the junction just beyond it looks very much as though a minor road, over the bridge, is meeting a major road.

Easterton Bridge - a photo at Market Lavington Museum

The thatched house that dominates the view behind the children is ‘The Homestead’. These days it has a tiled roof and the rendering on the outside has been removed, revealing its timber construction. On the right, across the bridge we have the end of ‘Halstead Farm’.

The girl on the right may be collecting water. She is just resting her bucket. Easterton village pump is just off the photo to the left.

A little girl collects water

We could imagine that the little  boy in the middle is very proud of his wheels even if their function is not entirely clear.

The boys on the bridge

This lad looks very confident of his right to sit and enjoy the day. That little girl with the bucket can do the work!

At ease

The other lad

The other lad in the picture – they all go together to make a truly charming scene.


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