A named brick

Market Lavington bricks are fairly soft in structure and easy to mark. One building in Market Lavington (it is on private land and so not identified here) has suffered the attack of people who wished to leave their mark for more than 250 years. This brick, actually in the dark interior of the building, appears to have been signed by I Legg in 1799.

Photo of a brick inscribed I Legg 1799. The brick is still part of a Market Lavington Building

A search of Market Lavington records for that time reveals no I Legg, but there was a John Legg and he was something of a scholar and may well have used the spelling Ionnas at times. Of course, this is only a theory, but John was alive and lived in market Lavington in 1799. He was a naturalist, amongst the first to realise that birds migrated. We have looked at John before on these pages (click here).

It’s an intriguing thought that the very reclusive John may have wiled away some time in this little hideaway with its commanding views over the countryside.


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