Beech Wood in 1960

Now here’s a Market Lavington photo which begs a question. But let’s start with what we know. The scene is Beech Wood, the year is 1960 and the photographer was the then teenaged Johnathan Gye. We also know that much later, the photo was used by Johnathan as a Christmas Card.

Beech Wood, Market Lavington in 1960

First question? Where is Beech Wood. These days its location is helped by a small close of houses which carry the name, but the location can be seen on the map – part of Canada Woods. The map also shows where the museum is, but not the best car park these days, which is at The Community Hall.

Map showing location of Beech Wood

The big question though, is. ‘why are there young pigs running around the wood and making their way down to the stream?’ Was this normal? Or was it a rare event to have porkers running free in the woods and did Johnathan go there especially to snap a photo of them?

Answers on an email, please.

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One Response to “Beech Wood in 1960”

  1. Don Coleman Says:

    The photo appears to be the path from the ‘bubbling kettle’ towards the Manor Woods. Pigs (with piglets) were kept in a small pen below the path on the left around the date of the photo.

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