Christmas at Easterton School

Today we have a charming school photo from Easterton School. This school was closed in 1971 when the new joint school for Market Lavington and Easterton was built – St Barnabas School on Drove Lane. The building itself was demolished soon after closure.

However, today’s photo dates from long before there was any idea of the school being replaced. The school which had served Easterton for 70 years or so probably seemed solid, dependable and permanent to the people seen in the photo.

Father Christmas at Easterton School in the 1950s

Unfortunately, we have no precise year and no names for any of the pupils or adults. ‘Father’ Christmas (just look at ‘his’ shoes) seems to have been out in the snow for his cape has blobs of the white stuff on it. ‘He’ is opening the sack to give a Christmas gift to a little girl. Some of the other pupils seem to be holding their gift already whilst others are clearly concerned about when it will be their turn.

Can you help us with names and a date for this photo? Do, please, get in touch.


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