Going on Holiday?

Just after Christmas is supposed to be the time when we think of our next summer holiday. Today we are looking back to a holiday departure in times past.

Mr and Mrs Francis of Grove Farm, Market Lavington about to set off on holiday

Our picture shows Mr and Mrs Francis of Grove Farm in Market Lavington with a well laden car. Mr Francis seems to be pondering how on earth he’ll get the last bit of luggage on board whilst a small child is sitting by the back window, ready for the journey. Mrs Francis seems most concerned to keep her hat in place. Presumably it was a breezy day.

Just what the car is we do not know, but it has similarities with a Crossley 14. They were introduced in 1925. We are sure that a car enthusiast out there will be able to tell us about the car.

Mr and Mrs Francis farmed at Grove Farm. This, like many a farm in the area, has vanished under new development. In this case we have the Grove Farm housing and also our wonderful Community Hall instead of the old farmhouse, buildings and fields.


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