Welcome to 2012

Forty years ago, when 1972 started, there was a grocery store on Church Street. At that time it was known as the VIVO and it was being run by P and A Powell. The Powells promoted their business by giving away a calendar for 1972. The picture on this is fanciful – it is not Market Lavington or Easterton.

A 1972 calendar given by the VIVO store of Church Street, Market Lavington

Earlier photos show this shop as being Potter’s Store. By 1976 it was a Spar and more recently Mr Dempsey ran the shop. We can, of course, regret its passing but we are lucky still to have a grocery store in the village – our very own Co-op.

Year ends and beginnings are times to look backwards and forwards. So let’s take a backward glance. 2011 saw some 27000 views of this blog as compared with less than 11000 in 2010, the first year of operation. Viewers have come from all over the world with most, of course, from the UK. The most popular individual page remains, as it was in 2010, the page about the Phillips Stick-a-sole man.

The blog has been a two way process. Information and artefacts have arrived at the museum as a result of things written on the blog.

Looking forward, we obviously hope for continued support out there in blogland. We’d love more local folk to actually visit the museum. If you didn’t call in in 2011, you’ll have missed your chance to see Mr and Mrs Smith, the pond digger and his wife taking a rest on our settle – the real life Smiths were the grandparents of former village teacher, Sybil Perry. You’ll also have missed our display about the former Congregational Church, now converted to a 21st century house. But we will have displays about royal events in the villages of Market Lavington and Easterton. Of course, the displays will feature local places and people.We’ll look forward to seeing you at the museum in 2012.

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