Mystery of wartime crash

When this image appeared in the local paper (Wiltshire Gazette and Herald) back in 1987, local residents in Market Lavington and Easterton were invited to tell the paper more. The image was of a ‘grounded’ aeroplane and its caption suggested it had crashed on Easterton Hill in 1944, causing two fatalities.

News clip from the Wiltshire Gazetter and Herald in 1987 - an aircraft 'down' on Easterton Hill, possibly in 1944

Locals rose to the challenge. The image prompted a flood of letters to the paper.

Former Market Lavington resident Michael Gale had ideas about the plane 'crash'.

V King of Little Cheverell makes a contribution

Tom Gye of Market Lavington agrees - this was not the wartime crash.

Clem Bowyer of Market Lavington tells us that the trampling of the crops around the crash actually improved the yield!

Martin Honeychurch of Market Lavington has done the research.

Well done Martin – who seems to have at least identified the plane. Like Martin, we wish there were more photos like it. If there are, and they were taken in Market Lavington or Easterton, then please let us know at the museum.

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5 Responses to “Mystery of wartime crash”

  1. bikeal Says:

    Reblogged this on Calgary Recreational and Ultralight Flying Club (CRUFC).

  2. bikeal Says:

    Reblogged this on Calgary Recreational and Ultralight Flying Club (CRUFC).

  3. Mystery of Easterton Hill crash revisited. | Market Lavington Museum Says:

    […] Back on January 6th 2012 we published a blog entitled ‘Mystery of Wartime Crash. This was based around a photo on a 1980s newspaper and some correspondence in subsequent issues of the paper. You can click here to see that blog. […]

  4. Don Coleman Says:

    I remember an aircraft crash landing on Market Lavington Hill. I thought it was just after the war’s end and was crewed by a man and a woman who were unhurt.

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