Home Rule for Scotland

Those of us who live in the area expect Market Lavington and Easterton to be ahead of the times. Currently, Home Rule for Scotland is a burning issue, with Mr Cameron and Mr Salmond  trying to get the upper hand on who has the rights to organise a referendum.

But, in Market Lavington, we were discussing home rule for Scotland back in 1953 when our village doctor, Ashford Brown, his wife and family  paraded the streets with a banner requesting Home Rule for Scotland.

Dr and Mrs Ashford Brown of Market Lavington dressed as Home Rule for Scotland for the 1953 Coronation fancy dress parade

We could not tell you the real views of Doctor Ashford Brown, but he and his wife were both Scottish by origin, although I think we could say they were Wiltshire folk  by length of residence. The occasion of this appearance was the 1953 coronation fancy dress parade. Of course, we at the museum, are celebrating royal events this year, so this image is very much a part of that theme.

Three cheers to the parents for having fun on that day, nearly 60 years ago. Their young child looks a bit less than happy. The good doctor looks very fetching in his mini kilt. Just as well he didn’t lose his troosers!


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3 Responses to “Home Rule for Scotland”

  1. Billeagh Says:

    Assuming this is Dr William Hay Ashford Brown, the assertion that he and his wife were both of Scottish origin is not entirely correct. While the doctor was indeed a Scot, his wife was Kathleen Marjorie Ashford Collins, born in Wiltshire. Ashford was her mother’s maiden name and it is from her lineage that the ‘Ashford’ in ‘Ashford Brown’ originated. Kathleen was born to Edward Kingsley Collins and Kathleen Farr Ashford in Salisbury, 1917. Later, in 1921, the Collins family purchased the manor house and surrounding land (later known as Berwick House in Berwick St James). It was in the Collins family until it was sold in 1960. Dr Ashford Brown was born William Hay Brown. He and his wife both changed their surnames to Ashford Brown when they married.

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