A fascinating map

Old map of Market Lavington. South is at the top of the map

For people used to our wonderful Ordnance Survey maps, it can be hard to get your head round this one. The arrow at the left points south. South is roughly at the top of the map, the opposite of what might be expected. That means west is to the right and east to the left. It’s confusing.

Let’s try to get our bearings. The main road through the village is marked ‘from Urchfont’ at the left and ‘to Westbury’ at the right. It has M Lavington in bold along it.

There is a wooded area close by the road, called The Ham. That’s the name of the residential close which now occupies that area.

The interest in this map lies in the way there used to be many different roads or tracks. For example, what is now regarded as a footpath, starting from The Hollow at the foot of Lavington Hill, is marked as the road to Warminster. This would have involved getting up the hill in West Lavington and on via Imber.

There are interesting area names as well. The strip of land alongside the road up Lavington Hill appears to be called Hoofles Common.

We don’t actually have a date for this map. Can anybody help us?


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