A half penny

Today we feature another of the coins found by the Yeovil Metal Detecting Club back in September. This one, literally, is a half penny.

Silver half penny found on the slopes of Lavington Hill and now in Market Lavington Museum

The coin is made of silver and has markings on both sides to allow the experts to have a stab at identifying its origins.

The other side of the Lavington Hill half penny

The best guess is that this little piece of silver dates from between 1249 and 1286. The surprising thing is that this is a Scottish King from the time when Alexander III ruled in that land.

We wonder how it came to be in the south of England – in Market Lavington but there, we assume, it lay hidden for more than 750 years before being found by modern technology. It now has a home in Market Lavington Museum.

Once again we’d like to thank the detectorists of the Yeovil Club for donating this and other artefacts to us.

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One Response to “A half penny”

  1. Norman. Merritt Says:

    Rog a large number of Scottish coins are found in the fields around lavington and easterton the theory is they were brought back by soldiers returning from the battles in Scotland under Edward
    Long shanks there are also a large amount of Irish coins of the
    Same age found they are almost the same as the English penny
    Of the time but the Kings head is in a triangle
    It was at the time considered fair game after the battle to rob the dead of any thing of value this included coinage

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