The bottom of Spin Hill

Here’s a picture taken at a point where Grove Road, Canada Rise, Spin Hill and Parsonage Lane all meet along with a footpath from Northbrook.  Just one bridge crosses the Northbrook stream.

But when this photo was taken, in the 1950s, not all of the roads were there. Grove Road was constructed in about 1990 to service the new estate built on former farmland, Canada Rise dates from the 1960s.

At the bottom of Spin Hill, Market Lavington - a 1950s view

We are looking from the bottom of where Canada Rise is now and across the footpath that runs parallel to the stream, towards Northbrook. We can see Stream Cottage, which still stands that and beyond that the Tudor Cottage which belonged to Tommy Burden (now demolished) and beyond that more cottages on Northbrook.

Of interest is the car parked on a patch of land which belonged to Mr Oram.

A Hillman Husky in Market Lavington

We think this is a Hillman Husky. These were made, in various guises, between 1954 and 1970, and were based on the Hillman Minx car.

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