Opposite Market Lavington School

Today we are looking at Church Street – mostly premises more or less opposite what is now The Old School.  The date is uncertain, but the evidence in the road points to this being from the horse era rather than the motor car era.

Church Street, Market Lavington - opposite The Old School

On the left is Hopkins Ironmongery Store – which is now a private house. It is intersesting to see some of the items out on the pavement, including raffia baskets, sieves, buckets and brooms. There are also various styles of garden spades, shovels and forks.

Items for sale and bystanders outside Hopkins Store

The next building down the street is The New Inn – still a pub but now The Drummer Boy. The sign over the stable entrance records that the pub sold Ushers Ales (which were brewed in Trowbridge) and had good stabling.

The New Inn is now The Drummer Boy, Market Lavington

Across the road there are cottages which no longer exist. They stood alongside the road in what is now the garden of Church Cottage.

These cottages, on Church Street, Market Lavington, have now been demolished

Behind the children, happy and content to be in the middle of the road, we are looking onto The Spring.

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