An Easter Play

Churches have long traditions of theatrical events to mark the major festivals and in Christianity, they don’t come more major than Easter. No wonder our local established church, St Mary’s, Market Lavington, has been known to stage a play for Easter, involving the children in the church community.

Our picture shows a play entitled ‘Go Tell’. This was performed in the church for Easter, 1953, the Coronation year of our present Queen, Elizabeth II.

Easter Play, 'Go Tell' performed at St Mary's Church, Market Lavington in 1953

Now that, sadly, is all the information we have. There appear to be fifteen children involved and we can also make out a man who might be an organist.

We are certain that someone out there will be able to tell us who most of the youngsters are.

Do get in touch if you can name any of the people – please.

Here’s some close ups to help.


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4 Responses to “An Easter Play”

  1. Paul Davis Says:

    Looks like my Dad, Keith Davis at the back of the choir. I’ll ask him for names when i see him.

  2. John Burgess Says:

    Some one beat me to it, Yes Keith Davis, The girl with the flowers around her head maybe one of the Preddy girls.
    The organist i believe it to be Mr Phillips

  3. Mr and Mrs Phillips « Market Lavington Museum Says:

    […] picture, we think, answers a question we asked back on Easter Sunday 2012 – who was the organist in the church in that photo? It would seem it was Arthur […]

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