Another Fine Map

A map, recently acquired by Market Lavington Museum has its date fixed very precisely by the statement, ‘Railway in Course of Construction’.

Map of Market Lavington with 'Railway in Course of Construction' - so dating from the very end of the nineteenth century

Our local railway was a late build line. It didn’t open until 1900 so the map must have been produced in about 1899. It is clearly based on the Ordnance Survey, but has been used by a West Lavington estate to show their property – colour washed in red. The brickworks in Market Lavington, at the left of this section of map, is so marked. We know the brickworks was in the hands of the Holloway family at that time.

That part of the map shows it is made up of sections pasted on to a cloth backing. As luck would have it, the map covers virtually all of the Market Lavington and Easterton parishes at a scale of 6 miles to the inch.

Here, in the extreme south of the parish, is Candown Farm.

Candown Farm, Market Lavington

We can see that Candown Farm is close to the 400 feet contour line.

At the opposite end of the parishes there is Wroughton’s Folly – almost in Urchfont.

Wroughton's Folly - almost in Urchfont

The route heading from southwest to northeast in the top left corner is the route of the railway line. Seymour Wroughton’s grand house – which fell down long before the coming of the railway – can be clearly located.

Let’s return to Salisbury Plain, but in Fiddington and Easterton.

Fiddington Farm and Easterton Hill Farm

These two farms are close together, but in different parishes. They are 500 or more feet above sea level.

Of course, the villages are well shown on the map, too. This is not only Market Lavington and Easterton – remember, the map is showing property in West Lavington. Looking at the whole map obviously locates the positions of the isolated pieces shown here.

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