Lilian Sarah Mundy

Today’s blog entry is inspired by a news cutting from 1965

News article about the death of Lilian Sarah Mundy of Market Lavington

Weren’t these older news reports marvellous? They actually contained information. A reporter has clearly done a little research and has come up with a brief summary of the life of Lilian Sarah Mundy.

The old reports also used lots of names. Maybe it was felt that a name in a paper made people buy that issue. So, we also get a list of Vicar, organist and family mourners.

Mourners at the funeral of Lilian Mundy which was at St Mary's Church, Market Lavington

We’d like add a little flesh to the story of Lilian’s life. Sadly, we can’t trace the birth of a Lilian Sarah Barret (by any spelling) anywhere near Corsham.

Lilian appears on the 1911 census at Fiddington. This census gives her place of birth as Atworth.

We know she married Frederick Mundy in 1912.

Kenneth was born in 1915.

Herbert was born in 1920.

Barbara was born in 1925

In 1926 Fred and Lilian Mundy lived on High Street, Market Lavington. This was almost certainly above the shoe shop.

Fred Mundy died in 1933.

In 1939, Lilian lived on High Street with her son Ken who had taken over the shoe business.

Lilian and her son Ken were still at the shoe shop premises on High Street in 1964.

She was buried on 2nd April 1965.


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2 Responses to “Lilian Sarah Mundy”

  1. John Burgess Says:

    I can remember Mrs Mundy she could often be seen carrying water from Broawell. After her passing Ken would carry the water on a yoke across his shouders.

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