Remember triangular pens?

At Market Lavington Museum, We remember those slightly uncomfortable three sided ball point pens. They were all the rage some thirty to forty years ago, particularly as company advertising pens.

They had their advantages. Being triangular in section, they were not round so they stayed put. They didn’t easily roll. Then, with just three surfaces along the length, there was enough space to write a message – the name of a company or maybe the phone number. However the pen was put down, two of the surfaces faced upwards. They served their purpose as adverts, quite admirably.

What a shame they were a bit uncomfortable in use.

Here we have two examples that were made for The Wiltshire Agricultural Engineering Co. This was the large company which grew out of Wordley’s business. Their premises were by The Market Place in the area now occupied by Rochelle Court. They also used Woodland Yard. The company took any opportunity to advertise – hence the pens.

Pens used as adverts for The Wiltshire Agricultural Engineering Co. of Market Lavington

According to our museum records, the red and white pen dates from the 1970s and the red and black version is from the 80s. It clearly dates from the time before the Lavington phone exchange was closed and our phone numbers became based on Devizes with 81 added before the former four digit number.

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