Easterton Dipping Well – Then and Now

A recent correspondent loved the photo we showed of the Easterton dipping well in about 1900 and asked if it was possible to see what the scene looked like now.

We’ll do a bit better than that. We can thank Jim for taking a ‘now’ picture and also for finding a couple of others showing much the same scene,

So let’s work forward. Here’s the original, 1900, photo that was our starting point.

A charming scene in Easterton, Wiltshire in about 1900. The photo is at Market Lavington Museum.

A pump was added above the dipping well and we can see that in use, probably in the 1940s or early 1950s.

Easterton – the pump in use

We can see the dipping well, down near stream level. It looks much as it did in the old photo but the brick plinth has been added on top to support a pump. The pump allowed larger containers to be filled.

We believe the man operating the pump is the appropriately named Charlie Wells.

We can now move forward to 1973.

By 1973 Easterton’s water pump was out of use

The caption tells us this was no longer in working order, but we can still see the old fire engine door behind.

And so to 2012.

The pump and scene at Easterton on 16th May 2012

This view is dated 16th May 2012. The pump and dipping well are still in place, albeit looking entirely devoid of water. The edge of the stream can be seen just a little lower down.

The fire engine door is lost behind brambles and has, in fact been bricked up. The space behind the door also housed a pump for the jam factory (now closed) some of which can be seen at the top of the photo. The outline of the door can still be seen by those willing to brave the brambles.

So there we have the scene, brought completely up to date.


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2 Responses to “Easterton Dipping Well – Then and Now”

  1. notsofancynancy Says:

    AWESOME!!! I loved looking at all the changes that has been made since the original photo! I hope you are planning to do more!

  2. The Easterton Pump « Market Lavington Museum Says:

    […] in May we looked at the Easterton pump in a series of photos taken  between the 1900s and 2012. (click here). This time we are filling in a gap with a couple of photos in the 1980s. In fact our photos are […]

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