Little Red Riding Hood

During the Second World War, paper was in short supply and it was important not to be giving information to potential enemies. This had an effect on simple little items, like an amateur dramatic production.

Dramatic production programme at Market Lavington Museum

This programme gives none of the usual clues about time and place although just how that may have helped a potential invader is not entirely clear. Perhaps that is why the local amateur dramatic group had a name which gave no clue as to location. They were called the Starita Players.

The play was Red Riding Hood – a post Christmas pantomime

And that’s it for the programme which is little more than an A5 sized sheet of paper. And what paper. It is so thin it is hardly there at all.

The production, we know, actually took place on 12th, 13th and 15th January 1943 in the old Parish Room on High Street.

Some of the cast are well known to us on these pages, but we are always keen to know more, so do let us know if you can tell us more about these people – some of whom can be seen in a photo on this page.



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