Mrs Price – teacher at Market Lavington School

Mrs Price taught in Market Lavington for at least 20 years, but she was not Lavington born.

She was born in Heytesbury, Wiltshire in about 1867. We have not traced her parents.

In 1871, for the census, she was living with her uncle, a farmer at Nunney in Somerset.

For the 1881 census she was with her grandmother in almshouses on the edge of Salisbury.

Her marriage to Easterton born Albert Edward Price took place in the Warminster district in 1889.

For the 1891 census the couple lived in Easterton. Albert was described as a farmer and the couple had a young son, 11-month-old Richard.

By 1901 Emma was working as an assistant teacher. Albert was a coachman. The only child with them was still Richard. The little family lived at Fiddington Lodge.

Roy Harry Price was born in about 1902 and he can be found with his parents, including Emma the schoolteacher, at Fiddington Lodge on the 1911 census.

Our photo, a class photo at Market Lavington School dates from about 1920.

Class at Market Lavington School in 1920. Mr Laycock, the headmaster is at the right. Mrs Price is the lady at the left in the back row.

Mrs Price is picked out below.

Mrs Price of Market Lavington School was born Emma Fanny Austin

The 1926 electoral roll shows Emma, Albert and Roy living at High Street, Market Lavington.

Emma died in 1929 and is buried in the churchyard at St Mary’s, Market Lavington.

Albert was still living on High Street in 1939. He joined Emma in the churchyard in 1946.

We’ll return to that school photo on another occasion.


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6 Responses to “Mrs Price – teacher at Market Lavington School”

  1. Roy Stockdill Says:

    I believe I can tell you who the parents of Emma Fanny Austin were! FreeBMD shows her birth was registered in the Oct-Dec quarter of 1866 at Warminster registration district (vol 5a page 151). The clue to finding her parents lies in the 1881 census in which she was living with her grandmother, FANNY BRYANT, at Alderbury, near Salisbury, as you say. Fanny Bryant was clearly her maternal grandmother, so what I did then was to look for the marriage of an AUSTIN to a BRYANT and there is only one entry that fits – the marriage of GEORGE AUSTIN and MARIA BRYANT at Warminster in the April-June quarter of 1858 (vol 5a page 273).

    Looking at the 1871 census, you are correct in that Emma was living with an uncle and aunt, Samuel and Rhoda Austin, at Nunney, near Frome. But if you look at the previous census of 1861 you will find that George and Maria Austin were then living also at Nunney with George’s 81-year-old mother, Emma Austin, farmer. By 1871 George and Maria had become publicans at the Angel Inn, Heytesbury, and they were still there in 1881. I haven’t looked beyond 1881. Maybe Emma Fanny Austin fell out with her parents which is why she was living with relatives or for some reason or they farmed her out! George and Maria had other children. You would have to obtain her birth certificate to establish the facts for certain, but I would suggest the mystery of her parentage is solved.

    Roy Stockdill
    Professional genealogist, Poole

    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      Thanks very much, Roy. All information is gratefully received.

      • Roy Stockdill Says:

        George Austin would appear to have died in the Oct-Dec quarter of 1881 at Warminster, aged 60 (vol 5a page 96) but Maria lived on well beyond him and died in the Oct-Dec quarter at Warminster, aged 75 (5a 74).

      • Roy Stockdill Says:

        BTW, I came upon your excellent website quite by chance because I am a distant descendant of the GIDDINGS family who appear to have been prolific at Urchfont, Chirton, Market Lavington and Great Cheverell. I saw your blog on Emma Fanny Austin who became Mrs Price and I can never resist a challenge, though she was not related to me.

        My great great great grandmother was MARY GIDENCE, a descendant of the Urchfont and Market Lavington Giddings family (allowing for variant spellings) who married JAMES MEAD or PAIN at Bratton in 1787.

      • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

        Aha. That makes sense now. I couldn’t quite work out why you were helping. But as I said, I love information wherever it comes from and if a pro genealogist offers help unsolicited than I’m delighted.

        I have a local Giddings expert – but one who won’t use a computer!



        I’m a

  2. Roy Stockdill Says:

    I meant to say that Maria died in the Oct-Dec quarter of 1910. Her given age then of 75 fits with her census entries.

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