Church House

Was this ever actually called Church House?

It is the building we now know as The Rectory (formerly The Vicarage) but at the unknown date when this picture was taken it was a private house, and the centre of activities of the Alexander family who were chapel members. However, we cannot dispute the house is on Church Street. The electoral rolls we have for 1926 and 1939 just tell us that Alfred and Sarah Alexander lived on Church Street.

The information on the back of the photo gives us a little information.

The information on the back of a photo tells us this was the home of Alfred and Sarah Alexander of Market Lavington

And here is the actual picture.

Church House, Market Lavington – a photo at this Wiltshire museum which is concerned with market Lavington and Easterton.

It would be good to know the year and the occasion. Sadly, the photo is not clear enough to read messages on the banners. Perhaps the large H in the window above the door indicates that this was Hospital Week?

Alfie Alexander was well known for being a character. He had certainly done well for himself in terms of housing. Alfie kept pigs in the back yard of the house – roughly where the rector now has his office. He ran some kind of refuse service, spreading what he collected over land in the Parham area.

An earlier entry on this blog showed Alfie walking with Winston Churchill in London. Alfie had decided to get this picture – and made sure he did. He didn’t know Mr Churchill at all.

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