Easterton School – Then and Now

We have seen this picture of Easterton School before on these pages.

This photo which locates where Easterton School stood can be found at Market Lavington Museum

Today we are looking at the end of the school in 1973. It had closed in 1971 when the new St Barnabas School opened to serve the educational need of youngsters in Easterton and Market Lavington.

New housing was built on the former school site and by 1973 it was time for the old building to be demolished.

Easterton School – a heap of rubble in 1973

There’s not much left to mark the school there – but let’s zoom in.

The former Easterton School and the lych gate to St Barnabas Church, Easterton in 1973

There we can see a heap of rubble with a JCB type device parked on top. Behind it we can see the lych gate for St Barnabas Church.

Our thanks go to Jim who took this photo – and no doubt processed it himself. Thanks go to Jim, too, for stepping out again in 2012 with his camera, to take an almost identical ‘now’ picture.

Where Easteron School once stood – June 2012

Much is still the same. The shop, on the right, is no longer in operation. A motor repair workshop is run from there – now a private house. The new houses on the left look like established dwellings now and of course, back in the 1970s nobody predicted how many cars there would be per house.  The kink in the road has been smoothed out and to deal with this, the lych gate was moved. It can’t be seen in the ‘now’ photo. A pavement was added on the right when the road works were carried out.

We have recently shown a number of brand new photos on this blog.  We love our old photos, of course, but we feel a museum must try to preserve ‘now’ for the future.

Do get in touch if you have any photos, new or old, that you feel might be museum worthy.

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