Where Jack Sheppard Lived

We have had Jack Sheppard identified as one of the people in a picture of a tar gang, working on Spin Hill in Market Lavington. We first published this picture on the blog back in January of this year Jack Sheppard is holding the reins of the horse and standing immediately on the right of that animal.

Road gang at work on Parsonage Lane, Market Lavington in 1937

But Jack did not live in Market Lavington. He was an Easterton man and lived on White Street in that village. We can see his home below – a photo taken in the 1970s.

Jack Sheppard’s home on White Street, Easterton in the early 1970s

Zooming in we can see what might be called a cheaply constructed bungalow under a corrugated iron roof. It looks well maintained and the garden seems to be in good order.

Jack Sheppard’s bungalow

We understand that the home was, in fact, a converted railway coach. A corridor ran along the front of the coach and compartments made different rooms. We are told it was a very cumfy little house.

Before we take a look at Jack’s life story (such as we can), let’s look at the place where his house stood in June 2012. Once again, thanks to Jim who took both pictures.

The same view on White Street, Easterton in June 2012

We can see that the wood shed on the right is unaltered. The barn on the left has become a dwelling house and Jack’s little bungalow has transformed into a modern, brick built house.

John William Sheppard was born in 1891. He first saw the light of day in Easterton. His parents, William and Sarah had married in 1887 and at the time of the 1891 census they lived on The Clay in Easterton.

John William was baptised on 2nd August 1891 at St Barnabas Church in Easterton.

Our John William appears on the 1901 census, aged 9 and living with his parents and a three-year-old brother, Fred, on White Street, Easterton. Father William was a groom and gardener.

The 1911 census is of interest because this was the first census to be written by householders and our John William, then 19, wrote it on behalf of his father. Presumably William was not able to write. He was, though, a self-employed market gardener. John himself was a contractor and carrier – an employed person. He had a good writing hand as we can see on the census.

Jack signs the 1911 census on behalf of his father

We cannot find a marriage for John, but the Easterton baptism records show four children baptised, born to John William and Jessie. These were Annie Elizabeth (1920), William Thomas (1921), Edmund (or Edward) John (1924), Edna May (1927) and Elizabeth Jean (1930). Where registrations of birth can be found for these children, the mother’s maiden name is given as Faulds. Jessie Faulds may have been born in Scotland.

We can find John on our 1939 electoral roll. He lived on White Street in Easterton and Jessie was with him.

Jack died in 1972. Jessie may have lived until 1999 – aged 99.

Has anybody anything further on this family?


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2 Responses to “Where Jack Sheppard Lived”

  1. angie smith ( was stevens ) Says:

    hi there grew up in this very street in the 70s n left there in 1980….i remember this house very well x

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