Robin Hood

Tales of the outlaw of Sherwood Forest have been popular for a very long time. No wonder local drama groups set up an event featuring Robin Hood and his merry men and women.

Cast of ‘Robin Hood’, probably in the mid 1920s. This photo is at Market Lavington Museum

This is one of the wonderfully well documented photos in terms of names, although we do not have a date. Here’s a copy of the photo with each person numbered.

And here’s the list of who is who.

  • 1 Ellie Gye
  • 2 Ethel Cooper
  • 3 Marjorie Burgess
  • 4 Mary George
  • 5 Lily Shepherd
  • 6 Cherry Hoddinott
  • 7 Winnie Mundy
  • 8 May Bullock
  • 9 Ena Gye
  • 10 Maisey Kiddle
  • 11 Ivy Pomeroy
  • 12 Vi Dunford
  • 13 Cyril Arnold
  • 14 Doreen Ashley
  • 15 Mabel Shepherd
  • 16 Edie Potter
  • 17 Rene Cooper
  • 18 Eric James
  • 19 Vi Davis
  • 20 Annie Buckland
  • 21 Edith Perry
  • 22 Marjory Pomeroy
  • 23 Lucie Potter
  • 24 Eileen Baker
  • 25 Jack George
  • 26 Ern Raisy
  • 27 Jack Davis
  • 28 Jack Saxton

To help us date the picture  we have picked on number 25 – Jack George.

Jack George was born in 1914 at Market Lavington. His father was manager of the brickworks.

There’s Jack who was born in 1914. From that we feel the photo dates from the mid 1920s.

Of course, we always like to know more about residents of Market Lavington and Easterton. Do get in touch if you can tell us more about these people.

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2 Responses to “Robin Hood”

  1. John Burgess Says:

    It must be from the mid to late 20s Vi Dunford (my mother) married Clifford Burgess about 1935, Marjorie Burgess was my aunty – Dad’s sister. Mum born 1914 so would have been about 20years old same as Marjorie

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