Darracombe – Then and Now

Darracombe is a bungalow on The Clays in Market Lavington.  It is a home for retired clergy of the Church of England – great for the village, for it means we get community minded people living there.

Our first photo shows the site in about 1964. Darracombe is newer than that.

The Clays,  Market Lavington in about 1964. Darracombe and another bungalow were later built on this site.

What we see in the photo is the shed used by Tom Haines. Tom – click here for more info – was the very last official town crier in Market Lavington. Beyond that we look at Beech House, a large building on White Street which was, for many years, the home of the Gyes and, before that, members of the Welch family.

A similar view of The Clays, Market Lavington in July 2012

A totally different scene greets us in 2012. The lush, almost exuberant vegetation all but hides Darracombe. Beech House is lost behind the greenery and the bungalow.  The old shed has gone, of course.

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  1. notsofancynancy Says:

    Loved this!

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