Sybil Perry’s Memories

One of the real treasures we have at Market Lavington Museum is a folder containing Sybil Perry’s memories. Actually, it is two treasures, for Sybil produced two slightly different versions.

Sybil Perry moved to Market Lavington in 1924, with her parents, Mr and Mrs Baker, at the age of four. Her family had lived in the village for generations. Her grandfather had been one of the Smith family, who lived on White Street in Market Lavington. They were renowned as the dew pond diggers. In fact, Sybil’s first home in Market Lavington was her Granny Smith’s house – Broadwell House on White Street.

Sybil lived in Market Lavington until 1994 at which point she and her husband, Des Perry, moved away to be nearer children. During her working life Sybil was, like her mother, a school teacher at Market Lavington School. She has featured many times already in this blog.

Let’s look at the start of Sybil’s book.

One of the real treasures of Market Lavington Museum – Sybil Perry’s memories

And now her signing off – in the year 2006.

Sybil signs off in 2006

Sybil died in 2010. Through her memories she remains a true servant of this village.

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One Response to “Sybil Perry’s Memories”

  1. angie smith ( was stevens ) Says:

    she was a my teacher at school

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