Robert and Matilda Oram

Today we look at a married couple who lived in Market Lavington and raised their family in the village. Grandchildren, not to mention great grandchildren and great great grandchildren of Robert and Matilda still live in the area.

Robert and Matilda Oram of Northbrook, Market Lavington

Robert Oram was born Henry Robert Oram in 1876. His parents, Robert and Priscilla lived on Northbrook in Market Lavington. We think we have met them before on these pages – click here.

Robert senior was a bricklayer – no doubt this was very handy when he built his family Jubilee Cottage on Northbrook in 1887. This would have been where the family lived in 1891.

Henry Robert Oram married Matilda Davis. She was an Imber girl, born in about 1874. Her parents were Andrew and Caroline. Andrew was an agricultural labourer. We think the wedding took place at St Giles Church, Imber in 1897.

By the time of the 1901 census, Henry, Matilda with children Eva (4) and Harold (2) were living on White Street in Market Lavington.  By this time Henry was clearly following his farther for he was a journeyman bricklayer.

By 1911 the family had returned to Northbrook. They had seven children.

We believe that eventually nine children were born to the couple who continued to live on Northbrook.

Henry and daughter Marjorie were recorded by Pathé news in 1947 when Marjorie’s home suffered some damage from huge shells on the military range. Click here.

Henry and Matilda both died in 1953. They are buried in Market Lavington churchyard.

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