A School Football Team

Yesterday we looked at Girl Guides relaxing at a summer camp. Today, to make sure we have gender balance, we’ll look at a group of boys. They were the Market Lavington School football team of their era. We think that era was around 1948.

Market Lavington School football team in about 1948

Our boys here are –

Standing (left to right): Lenny Jenks, Gerald Baker, Gordon Baker, John Izatt, Bert Cox.

Sitting (left to right): Lennie Cartwright, Brian Matthews, Mike Baker, Ralph Cox, Michael Sainsbury.

At least one of these lads was a semi-professional footballer in later life. I gather Mike Baker was offered terms by football league clubs but in those days of a maximum permitted wage for footballers, Mike decided that to have to up sticks and move was not what he wanted. He was much better off doing the day job and then playing for local semi-professional clubs at the weekend.


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