A pint of milk

The other day our curator was out walking in the village, taking a path which rises up a steep bank. There had been a lot of rain, washing some of the bank away and revealing a bottle. It was a one pint milk bottle of the older style and had been commandeered by ants as a safe nesting place. Well, unfortunately for them, they lost their nest since the curator thought the bottle could be added to the museum collection. Here it is, with the ants and their fibrous nesting material now gone.

Pre 1988 milk bottle found at Spin Hill, Market Lavington

The bottle has the message that it belongs to Churchfield Dairy, Salisbury.

The bottle belonged to Churchfields Dairy in Salisbury

It is of a type the curator recalls being delivered to his door. It is not of any great age – a fact given away by the flying cow logo.

The bottle has a flying cow logo embossed in the glass

Research (the most useful site proved to be www.wiltshiretreasures.org/ and items at the Wiltshire Heritage Museum, Devizes)  leads us to believe that Churchfields Dairy changed to the newer style of bottle in 1988 so our bottle probably dates from around 1980.

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