Lavington School at 50

This year saw the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of Lavington School. Back in 1962, it was a secondary modern school. Students who passed the exam at age 11 could receive their education at the Grammar School in Devizes. But for most of its existence, Lavington School has been a comprehensive school taking all children from the Lavingtons and surrounding areas between the ages of 11 and 16.

Here was the school in its early days.

An early photo of Lavington School by Peter Francis, Market Lavington’s professional photographer.

And here we see a similar view in August 2012.

Lavington School in 2012 at age 50

The grounds have matured and that hides much of the new building. There have been many new buildings – not least, the sports hall on the left of the shot.

2012 was a year to celebrate for the school. Before the tea party for former school members – which we understand was a real delight – the school was decorated. Here we see the school entrance with ‘cakes’, flags and messages for the 50th birthday.

Happy Birthday Lavington School. The entrance in 2012.

We can but wonder what changes the next fifty years will bring.

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One Response to “Lavington School at 50”

  1. angie smith ( was stevens ) Says:

    this was my school from sept 77 till may 82 .. wud like to hear from any1 on here that knows me

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